Blogging is a great tool for business’s to give information to its consumers and also to attract new customers by posting relevant articles on products or services. In today’s business world it is crucial to keep customers engaged and provide up to date, fresh and relevant content.

According to Search Engine Land businesses who begin blogging have an immediate advantage over businesses who have never blogged before. This is generally because of one thing…… Search Engine Optimization!





If you are wondering what SEO is take a look at this short YouTube video that explains it all.



Here is a brief overview of some advantages of how blogging will help your SEO.

  • Blogging attracts an audience and the more people that subscribe and view your blog makes the site more friendly. The more users you have the higher Google will rate your page.
  • It enables you to be found easily in keyword searches.
  • A blog can be used as a forum to give information and act fast on the latest social media craze.
  • A blog acts as a base for  developing your social media presence further. Facebook and Twitter feeds can be viewed on your blog also.
  • A blog is a great way of creating external links to your site. The more external links a business has the higher it is ranked by search engines such a Google, Yahoo and Bing. An external link is created when someone references from your blog post to their own article or post.

Search Engine Watch gives “six simple actionable steps to boost your blogs SEO mojo”

An important step they mentioned was No.4 – Proper use of category’s. Category’s can help to boost your organic search results. They help to classify blog content into themed pages which creates further opportunities to rank higher in search engine results. Take a look at their other steps for more great ideas.










Welcome to 2015, where not an hour goes by where we aren’t online checking our Facebook news feed like the daily newspaper to find out all the latest stories. Some of ye may relate in some way  to the  man in the above picture…. although ye probably are reading this from somewhere a bit more comfortable! Facebook has taken over the world by storm since 2004 and in the last few years mothers, fathers and even grandparents, who up until recently couldn’t even turn on a computer, have joined the online world.

In order to build relationships and gain online fans it is important that we know how to attract  and engage with these people to interact with us. I will help you do this with my 5 top tips for creating great Facebook content.

Tip #1- Make your posts EYE CATCHING

Since Facebook introduced their Timeline in 2012 in order to showcase business’s and market them, images uploaded by businesses are said to  have had a lot more engagement with Facebook fans.  As you can see in the picture below there has been an increase of 46% per post.  This is massive and proves it is important to provide eye catching, colorful and easy to read/recognize images when posting to Facebook, a visually appealing page is also more likely to attract fans.


Tip #2- Ask Questions/Get people involved

When posting or sharing an image, video or article it is important to ask  questions such as “What is your opinion on this statement?” or ask people to express themselves in the comment section below. Getting people involved with your posts will make them feel more connected and they  think you care about their feeling so they tend to like you more and they will also tell people about you. Therefore having the likability factor gets you more likes and shares for your page.

Tip #3 – Share fresh, relevant & current content.

In order to keep your fans interested it is vital that you can come up with new content and refresh your page daily. Update your posts so it relates to the type of audience that you have following you. The Bishopstown Bar in Cork does a great job on Twitter to attract the student market by posting funny and current content. They even receive coverage from Cork radio stations because of some of their posts.


On April 6th the phone company 3 experienced technical difficulties and The  Bishopstown Bar responded to this in a humorous manner by posting this tweet.

Another brilliant business are Sober lane, check out their Facebook page some hilarious videos they have made involving their customers and some special guests who has visited them!

Tip #4 – FREEBIES 

People LOVE getting free things. Running competitions by getting people to like and share your page and posts to win hampers, vouchers, event tickets etc. is a fantastic was of increasing fans to your page. Its a win win situation whereby the person sharing your page is excited to win something and you gain more fans and therefore gain more of a chance to increase your profits by doing business with them.

Tip #5 – Be careful with the length of your post

People either don’t have the time or they can’t be bothered to read long posts filled with essays before getting to the main point. Keep the length of your post as short as possible. In order to attract people’s attention it would be best to use short statements, to entice them to click on a link to view an article, such as ” Wow I can’t believe what Facebook have done this time!!” People use Facebook as their daily newspaper so they would be more intrigued to view this link with a short statement rather than reading a long explanation about what is said in the article.

So now that you know what it takes to create great Facebook content, take a look at my Digital Marketing Facebook page to see if you think that I practice what I preach !

Take a look at the evolution of Facebook since it began in 2004.

The Future of Social Media is Mobile

We cannot leave our phones down for 5 mins minutes these days without getting a notifications or just an urge that you may be missing out on some news. This is due to  major advances in wireless technology, the availability of apps that can be downloaded to our smartphone in seconds and also the power that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest have on us. It is very rare that someone will purchase a “normal” phone nowadays, how boring would a phone that only lets you call and text be !! – Yes I am a mobile social media addict!!

According to unified social, 41% of Facebook’s revenue, 25% of YouTube’s revenue comes from mobile advertising  and Mobile page views on LinkedIn were up 250% in 2013. Marketers are now targeting mobile social network users more and more. Businesses use social media sites, by making pages with information about their product/service, as a form of advertising and making consumers aware that they exist. It it a far less expensive means of  marketing and creates a lot more business for them by building relationships with potential consumers. More and more companies are now investing in paid ads for social media mobile marketing so they don’t lose out on targeting the significant numbers of people who use their mobile to access their social media sites.

This picture shows the difference in the percentage of users who accessed Facebook through a smartphone or tablet between 2011 and 2012.  “Today, there is no argument that Facebook is a mobile company,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The following YouTube video gives a great insight into how social media and mobile marketing has greatly contributed to the success of travel brands.

I recently read a blog written by a New York journalist Matthew Brian Beck, he writes about how the future of mobile social media will create tribes and many wont know  life outside of the groups of people they interact and connect with online and the interests that they share with each other. I found this very interesting, let me know what you think by commenting below.

We become so caught up in social interactions we sometimes miss out on and fail to appreciate the beauty of the real world. We are a nation obsessed with finding out and sharing gossip about people we don’t even know. But there is no end in sight, social media is here to stay!

This Youtube Video shows how much  new technologies and social media has lead us to convert from traditional media over time.


Welcome to my very first blog post, i’m new to this kind of thing but better late then never! I’m a 3rd year marketing student in Cork Institute of Technology. I am studying digital marketing so this is one of three professional social media sites I have recently set up. I will be blogging about digital marketing topics as well as sharing and discussing digital and marketing news on my Facebook & Twitter accounts ,go and have a look!


Picture this……

Its 5:30 p.m. and you’re wandering around the city after a long day of shopping with bags hanging off you, its a cold and wet evening and its getting dark . All you want is something warm and tasty to fill you up after a long day. Look no further than….. THE APP STORE.

The newest app from the food and drink category will soon be  available to download for free by Apple and Android users ( I’m hoping!!) The app would be able to track the users location and find a selection of restaurants near them with available seating. The app will let you select what type of food you are looking for (Chinese, Italian etc.), the amount of seats needed for the booking, extras offered by the restaurant e.g wheelchair accessibility, vegan/coeliac menus & baby changing facilities. It will be user friendly, colorful and simple to use. It gives quick and easy access for people on the go and looking for food in the nearest location too them. Most Importantly……

What’s The App’s Unique Feature?

Although there are many apps similar to my idea, you cannot book seats within the app’s already on the market. As well as this restaurants can sign up to this app to promote their business and they have access to controlling the information that they provide about their business. It provides an excellent means of marketing and profiling  for businesses. There is also an opportunity for restaurant to purchase an advertisement space on the app and it will also send users a notification when they are close to the businesses location. Restaurants that generally don’t get a lot of business hidden away in the corners of cities get an opportunity to become known.

The video below explains the importance of Digital Marketing in the world today in order for small businesses to become known and in turn grow and expand.


This app idea was part of the CIT Innovation Week Apprentice competition.  This competition inspires student to come up with brilliant App Ideas and the winner receives an iPad. The competition is open for applications from the first week in February to the 20th of February and a showcase is then held in March during innovation week where the finalists showcase their idea. Myself and Eibhlin Kennelly came up with this App idea and called it LOCATE YOUR MUNCH!